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WinXAS Tutorials

WinXAS Tutorials refers to a set of videos on using WinXAS for EXAFS and XANES data reduction and analysis. Eventually, all common, advanced, and specialized procedures included in the software will be covered. Experimental spectra and additional data used in the tutorials can be obtained from this site. This should enable you to repeat all steps taken in a tutorial and compare results before analyzing your own data.

#1 Introduction to WinXAS Tutorials (youtube)
#2 File structure and pre-treatment (glitches/steps) (youtube)
#3 Energy calibration and background correction (youtube)
#4 Atomic absorption correction and Fourier transform (youtube)
#5 Data reduction (MoO3) and combined µ(0)/EXAFS fit (youtube)
#6 XANES analysis - profile refinement and edge position (youtube)
#7 XANES analysis - mixtures and factor analysis (PCA) (youtube)
#8 EXAFS analysis - refinement basics (I) (youtube)
#9 EXAFS analysis - refinement basics (II) (youtube)
#10 EXAFS analysis - refinement advanced (III) (youtube)
#11 EXAFS analysis - FEFF interface (youtube)
#12 EXAFS analysis - Mo oxide mixture (youtube)
#13 Time-resolved (in situ) XAS (youtube)